Beddys Bedding

This room was a really FUN bedroom to design. Since we are renting and I knew this space is going to be temporary, I felt like I had to freedom to go crazy with anything I wanted to do and add fun pops of color.  Sometimes rentals don’t have as much space as you need with a family of 6, so we needed to turn this space into a bedroom/playroom.  
We added a daybed for our daughter, while still allowing for the other kids to use it as a sofa to watch TV and play video games. Knowing that lot of little bodies would be in this space, I needed to add bedding that would hold up to the wear and tear and STILL BE CUTE!  

Beddy’s Bedding was the PERFECT solution and exactly what I needed! 

The theme of the room was inspired by The famous actress Carmen Miranda for my main inspiration for the room. Its funny the places you can get inspiration from sometimes (haha) 
Beddys is an ALL-IN-ONE bedding system. You have everything you need for a bed all attached in one easy step. 
The Best part of the entire bedding system is that the bedding zips up! 

Even my 6 year old can do it. This bedding is honestly a Mom's dream come true! #LIFECHANGING

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