Christmas Advent Calendar

This is a NEW Tradition for our family! I have been wanting an advent calendar for sometime now, but I wanted something special knowing that once I presented it to my kids, it would become an instant tradition like it or not! ;)

I have been shopping for an advent calendar for years, I wanted the perfect one... I did find one at Pottery Barn, but I never could bring myself to spend the almost $200

So when I found this advent, and I knew it was the one.  found HERE and HERE
It was the right price and the buckets were big enough to be creative. I mentioned it to Brett that I wanted it, but then life got busy and I kept meaning to grab it.  I was beyond EXCITED when my husband surprised me by walking in the door with it one day! He knows the way to my heart... or maybe he just LOVES Christmas ( A LOT ) haha

I was excited to get to work... I have always loved all the fun tags, clips, bows and stockings at the Target dollar spot, but I never wanted to buy them just to buy them, but NOW I had a reason!

So off to Target I went.  I found everything I needed to make the board festive without spending a ton of money.  Pretty much everything I bought was under a dollar or two.

My son and husband both have December Birthdays, so I made sure and put something special in the bucket on their special day!!! I am looking forward to coming up with different color themes with this advent calendar as the years go by!

I hope this calendar gives you inspiration for your own traditions!

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. I love this calendar so much! You really have a decorating gift for sure. I met you at high school reunion - my husband and I went to high school with Brett. Congratulations on Better Homes and Gardens - that is very exciting