Our Family Tradition

I wanted to start the season off right by sharing one of our Family Traditions.  I shared this a few years ago, but it keeps popping up as a favorite on the search engines . . . so I thought I would share it again:)

I designed this card for my kids when they were little. We have followed this gift guide every year! It really does help me as a Mom and also Santa as well;-) Santa brings one gift and it's always the WANT gift, and parents bring the rest.  Another reason I love it is my kids have to really think about what they want and need, which really narrows down the selection process . . . sooooooooo helpful!

It also seems to keep our family focused on the true meaning of Christmas and not always thinking about the laundry list of presents. As a family, it also sometimes leaves a little extra funds for a Christmas memory, like a Christmas trip or a fun family surprise! ;)


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