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To say that having Better Homes and Gardens, coming to my little space in the world, was MIND BLOWING doesn't even start to explain how fun the experience was!  It was so fun, but so much work at the same time. BHG contacted me early Fall 2016 and wanted to come photograph my home in the month of December, so once Halloween was over the Christmas Decor was up and I started brainstorming how to perfect every corner of my home. 

I have never worried so much on the placement of each ornament, pine sprig, or table setting as I did for this photo shoot.  I really felt the pressure and I have to admit at times I felt like my style and my ability to decorate wouldn't be good enough for Better Homes and Gardens, but once the BHG team walked in my door, they couldn't say enough good and made me feel at ease within just a few moments:)

We originally had scheduled to shoot the 2nd week in December, but we had a scheduled trip to Disneyland for my husband's 40th Birthday, (he really is a big kid at heart) and the time frame wasn't working out for the both of us, so BHG rescheduled for after the holidays, actually it wasn't until the end of January!  By the time the photo shoot wrapped, I found myself taking down my Decor around Valentine's Day. haha! I laugh now, but I have to say that was the longest Christmas Season of my life! During the same time, my husband was also launching his brand new Children's Christmas Book. We were traveling and doing book signings, it was crazy!  

To say our Christmas was "busy" was a huge under statement, though I wouldn't take any of it back.  

Introducing the Book...

This story is darling! The book was featured in the Better Homes and Gardens article. It was fun that they included something of my husband's in the magazine. The book centers around a very sweet message of Love and Service, The entire book rhymes so it's really fun to read. 

I am just not saying this because I am the wife of the author, (wink) but as a mom recommending a book to another mom, it's a great story to share with kids and to encourage them to believe in the reason for the season!  It also just won Gold Medal for the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards!  I'm so proud of my hubby!
Check it out HERE and HERE 
(The book keeps selling out on Amazon, but we have plenty available on the main website)

Now back to the main story . . . The day the BHG team showed up at my door, we discussed the order in which they would photograph my home and they immediately set to work!  For some reason I thought it would be a pretty fast shoot and that they just show up and take a few pictures and be done, but, BOY, was I wrong! 

It was a full day of shooting 9-5 for 3 straight days! The entire house was filled with lights and equipment. The front door of my house stayed open, even in the dead of winter because of the intense heat the lighting was putting out.  And to top it all off, we had a TERRIBLE winter storm at the sme time!  Let me tell you. . . it was such an adventure!

My kids were in school all day, which definitely helped because the last thing I felt I could mange was cooking and cleaning while keeping everything looking juuuuuust right:)

My amazing parents offered to let us stay the 3 nights at their place. Thank goodness they only live down the road:)

Before a single picture was taken, each space in my home was analyzed and shifted just a bit to get the "perfect" picture. What I quickly realized was "real life" decorating doesn't always translate in magazine pictures, meaning, what most of us might do to decorate and live in, doesn't work as well in a picture that goes on a 8x10" magazine page:)

I was totally ok with letting them do whatever they wanted. I was just happy that they loved everything and didn't change too much! The biggest surprise I found was rugs and pillows didn't photograph as nicely as they look in real life, so my front rug and some pillows had to be switched around to get the perfect picture.  The overall design, of each pic, was to make every item look equally great instead of having one or two items "pop" as we do in everyday decorating.  I loved watching professionals in action. I learned so much during the process! 

I am so very proud of how the article turned out and love each and every picture! I have to say the Cocoa Tray and Front Room shot are my FAVORITE!  These pictures are very much me and I put a lot of heart into them. I also am planning on sharing some of my personal pictures in an upcoming Holiday Tour, So Watch for that!!!  

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics of what a magazine shoot looks like:

Here is the magic that they created

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  1. Congratulations Heidi! What a beautiful spread!! Your home looks amazing!

    Can't wait to see your current Christmas home tour!!