The Big Move!

 I can't believe how fast time has gone by!
April was the last time I have blogged! Wow you guys...that makes me a really bad blogger.
BUT... I have a really good excuse :)

It was around April that we decided on a HUGE change in our life! We decided to sell our home of 10 years!It was bittersweet for sure. But now that we are settled into a cute little rental and working on plans for a new home, things are starting to get really exciting. 

We have been pouring over Pinterest and searching the Internet for blueprints and trying to attend as many home shows as possible. After years of collecting, I  finally got to pull out all my Utah & Idaho Home Show books and start piecing ideas together that I have been collecting in my brain.  We aren't 100% sure when we are going to start building.  We could dig as early as this winter or first thing in the Spring, maybe even a bit later. I'll keep you posted when plans are finalized.

Since I haven't posted in awhile and honestly...I don't have a ton to share currently. But I am planning on posting all about my little rental and some life hacks on how to make spaces that you are more limited on still look super cute.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to go down memory lane of my sweet little home of 10 years and share some of the pictures I took when we listed our home. Our home never really went on the market officially, we just staked a For Sale sign on our front lawn and posted it on Facebook.  The new owners came the first day of showing. We had a few offers before it even appeared on Zillow. Feeling very, very blessed that it sold so fast. I can't even start to explain the Lord's hand in this move. I was thrilled that the new owners were so awesome and the selling process went so smooth,
I was a bit nervous, considering it was a for sale by owner.
I know they will love the house as much as we did.  

Here are a few pictures I thought would be fun to share.
So hard to say goodbye, but excited for the future!

Front Room

Master Bedroom
Master Closet 
Hall Bathroom
Baby Girls Room
Teen Girls Room
 Boys Room

Back Yard


  1. Good luck! We also made the decision to sell our house, move into a rental and building in the spring. It was really hard moving but now we are settled in we can enjoy our rental at a beach cottage community and look forward to the planning of the new house. Looking forward to following along with you on your journey.

  2. I can see why it's bittersweet to leave this place. EVERYTHING is so gorgeous, perfectly styled and such beautiful colors. Goodness, even the closet. I look forward to see what you do with a rental and for your future plans!

  3. Thank you for this final tour,sniff,sniff. With a house this beautiful,why want another? Please keep us up to date on your new digs.

  4. Beautiful home! So exciting!

  5. Your home truly is beautiful. I am loving the big pillows on your chair that are like an ikat design. Where did you find those pillows?