Valentines 2017

I can't believe its February!!! 

Things around here are buzzing. The kids have been missing school like crazy this winter due to snow days! I am still shocked by how much SNOW we have had this year!!! 

I seriously just put away my last bin full of Christmas, I have also been de-junking like CRAZY and selling everything I own. Changes are on the horizon, and I can't seem to keep up. Good things.. scary things, exciting things. We will see how life plays out ;)

When I say I am getting rid of everything I mean it...a red dresser, a huge armoire I bought when we were first married, a table, chairs, tons of home decor, rugs, my front room ottoman etc... etc....Things I have been storing for 10 plus years! It feels soooo great to have it gone.

I am also embarking on a new color scheme in my home.  I am switching out kelly green for Navy.
I am LOVING how it is coming alone. If you want...follow along on Instagram

I am sad to say, But this year I am not going to pull out my Valentines decor. Dance season is here and that seems to take over my ENTIRE life :) as well as all the other things my other kids are involved with.

So no Valentines mantle ... But I do want to share a valentine I crafted a few years ago. Its super easy and darling for those class valentine parties! Hope you like it!!

Over the years we have had some fun with our Valentine's for the kids see HERE and HERE
As well as this fun Kissing Booth Valentine.

Supplies Needed
-Box of Candy Hearts
-Hot Glue
-Straws Cut in Half
-Wrapping Paper
-Double Stick Tape

Wrap a box of Candy Hearts with wrapping paper. Use double stick tape to add the bottom printable. Then hot glue the straw to the box. I also hot glued the straw to the top printable.
Fast, simple and adorable :)

Click on Image to

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  1. I need to have my cabinets in my master bath refinished. Can you suggest the company that painted your cabinets? I'm ready to get them done! Yours look so pretty! Thank you!

  2. Could I get the name of the painting company you used? I would like to have my master bath redone.Thank you!