How to Decorate a Christmas Tree


It's the first day of the Christmas Season,  So I thought I would share my tips on decorating a Christmas Tree! I shared these tips last year at The Pinners Conference. Hope they help!
Happy Decorating!!!

1. FILLER - Picks, sprigs and/or berries - scattered throughout the tree, going in the direction of the branches.

2. THE BIG STUFF - Fill in the tree with Largest Items you want on the tree…Huge Bulbs, Signs, etc. Use wire or heavy branches to make them stay in the tree. Don’t be afraid to push these items deep into the tree. Bend branches and/or wire to hold them in place. This will create depth.

3. GROUPS - Group the Ornaments. This step creates interest. Wire 2-3 random ornaments together. Be aware of color, pattern and size. Layer these towards the middle and outside of the tree branches.

4. RIBBON - Decide on your ribbon style. My personal favorite is 3 loops with long tails or looping the ribbon in and out vertically.

5. FINISH - Finish the tree with your remaining Ornaments.  Use single ornaments to fill in the empty spaces and the tips of the tree.

6. THROW IT DOWN - Use a throw a blanket down as a tree skirts. Tree skirts to me can look a bit flat. You can gather and fold to create interest on the floor with a pretty throw. You are also not limited. Any throw or blanket will work.


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