Rug Buying Guide

Rugs can be tricky! The biggest question is how big or how small you go! 
Below is a GREAT picture guide to help you along the way.  

A lot of people  I work with always seem to be concerned about covering too much of their tile, wood or carpet.  I kind of feel like that is where people go wrong with rugs.  
My suggestion: Cover the floor!!! If you choose to use a rug in the space, make the most of that rug.  

Rugs can make your room feel bigger, it can highlight your furniture, and better yet it provides a great anchor for furniture.  When you go too small, it can sometimes dwarf the room and even the furniture. If you are dealing with other matters that don't allow you to float the furniture on the rug, my rule of thumb is at the very least have the front feet of the furniture on the rug.

My last suggestion for today...always go bigger than smaller. Even if it leaves you with a sliver of floor showing :)

....Living Spaces and Dining....


These are just "guides" rules sometime need broken. But I do try to follow these rug rules as often as I can!


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