How To Make Money Shopping - Seriously!

Have you guys heard of Ebates? I am sure most of you already have. I kind of feel I’m a bit late in the game on this one and kicking myself that I haven't used it sooner!!! You all know how I love a GOOD tip or trick. When my brother told me about Ebates I was like 
"What? This is too good to be true"

I get cash back just for stopping by the Ebates
 site FIRST and then continuing on to the online stores where I ALREADY shop, at NO cost to me?

Ya'’s TRUE! Here is a picture to show the proof  is in the pudding. 

I do a LOT of online shopping. Living in little o' Idaho, I don't have every store at my finger tips and honestly with 4 kids I never really make it out of the house anyway to shop, even if I did have the stores right around the corner;-)

I needed a few “necessity” items for family pictures, summer clothing, and decor items for the 2 kids’ rooms I am working on.  I earned $42.64 in REAL Cash Back! And the best part.... a check was mailed directly to me! WHAT??? That is what I call AWESOME!!! 
They also have a list of great coupons to save even more money.

Here’s a list of just a few online stores I got cash back from:

Old Navy
White House Black Market
The Children’s Place

Super easy... just an extra step before you shop!

Go check out Ebates HERE 
and learn more about how you can earn a little extra spending money!


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