Beauty Hacks

Being a wife and mother of 4 is MORE than a full-time job!  My kids' ages range from 13-3 so I have a little bit of everything to work with. Tweens, Teens and everything that goes along with that. As well as "the littles" as we call them, that are physically demanding and also in that sweet make-believe stage.  I love it more than words can explain, but it leaves me little time for myself. So in the 1.5 minutes that I get to jump in the shower and look in the mirror, I am grateful for some beauty hacks that make my life easier!

I have a few Beauty Tips that are REALLY worth my time and money!  I am a girl that likes quality stuff; I would rather save my pennies and get the best vs. a lot of "ok" items.

I LOVE that some of these things come straight to my door - One less thing to worry about!

We have 3 in our family that need razors. I have tried the cheaper razor, but I have decided that there are just some things in life that are a bit more expensive that make life enjoyable! T.P. and razors and Shampoo are just a few to start! These razors are AWESOME! I have a new blade on hand at all times. A new box is delivered to my door every 2 months. Everyone in my family owns their own handle. It saves me time and energy! see more HERE

TRULY! As I age, I am realizing even more than ever how important good skin care is. This micro-derm system helps to keep my skin soft and clear of dead skin. I get excited when the day of the week comes that I can use it! You can get on autoship on QVC or Amazon :)


Now-a-days spending lots of time getting ready isn't in the cards. I LOVE this foundation! It is heavy enough to cover the problem areas in one coat, but light enough that it feels like you aren't weighed down with lots of makeup! You can find it at Ulta or get it on Autoship on QVC.


I cannot live without this hair style!!! 2 minutes doing my hair and still ending up looking somewhat put together, is definitely a plus for me. I have pretty long hair these days so to be able to throw it up in a bun, add a little foundation to my face, mascara and lip gloss and be out the door in less than 10 is my kind of getting ready!

Here is a video in case you want some tips for a messy bun! 


 My fair skin mixed with not seeing the sun a whole lot makes for one pasty girl! haha :)
I like that sun-kissed glow and I am not a lover of tanning beds. So Self Tanner is one of my best friends. But...I don't love the orange fingers and hands that come along with it. It doesn't matter how careful I am at washing my hands after an application, I always seem to see the orange self tanner aftermath. Sooooo these 2 things are my beauty hack for Self Tanning!

Yep, plastic gloves (HERE) and foam paint brushes (HERE). I usually use one or the other. The smallest foam brush is awesome for ankles and knees! I know... kind of CRAZY right! I bet you'll love it after you try it! :)

So there you have it. A few of my favorites and some really great Beauty Hacks!


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