Picking Out Affordable Chandeliers

Lighting can make a HUGE impact in a space and can TRULY make or break it!
Just like a pair of shoes can add or take away from the perfect outfit (wink)

I've talked a little bit about my love of lights in my post about Lamps HERE 

Lighting is the jewelry of the room and just like jewelry they can be PRICEY! YIKES :(

I am always searching for a good deal and through my never ending research for my home and clients' homes, I have found the "LOOK" for a lot less.  My FAVORITE lighting is made from the company Creative Co-op.  Their lighting has some amazing charm and are pretty affordable!

I personally own a few of these lights and love them! I have also noticed that Joanne on Fixer Upper (favorite show ever) has used several of these styles in the homes she and Chip have updated.

You can find this lighting all over the internet, but my "go to" stores are Shades of Light and Wayfair


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