5 Steps to a Beautiful Bed

When I first started my blog back in 2010, one of the first posts I did was how I make my bed HERE It's been many years later and I STILL make it the same way:)  I love the fullness it offers and it's a great solution on how to hide all the ugly bedding that can get wrinkled and twisted up in knots when we sleep.  

Today I am going to share a re-cap of an oldie with my NEW bedding. But the Principles and steps are the same. Email me if you have any questions :)

Step 1: I freshen up my sheets with a fabric freshener like Febreze. 
I may not have the time to change my sheets daily, so it is super nice to "feel" like I have fresh sheets when I get into bed at night! After smoothing and freshening up the sheets, I fold down the covers (including the blanket I sleep with) to the foot of my bed.  During the summer months, I will sometimes remove this blanket as it's not needed.
Step 2: Cover it all up with a cotton essential blanket. 
I have used these types of blankets for years. I am partial to Pottery Barn's blankets because they are so soft. But I have found some great ones as well from Overstock,TJ Maxx and Home Goods :)

I start by deciding how much fitted sheet I want to show, and then tuck it all in on the sides. I fold the blanket fabric in the center of the bed, so I have enough blanket length to use at night!

Step 3: Add a full/fluffy blanket. 
I get asked this question A LOT.  I inherited this comforter years ago, and honestly, I haven't found a comforter yet that is as full and soft as this one.  At this point I am not convinced it is even a comforter, I think I have decided that its a feather bed. Though...it's not super heavy and really soft. Either way...when I fold my comforter in half, it adds the volume I want for the overall custom look!

Step 4: Cover it all up with a Decorative Top cover. For this step you can add a coverlet, quilt, comforter or even another duvet. Whatever look you are going for! I fold the part top and again smooth the fabric with fabric spray.

Step 5: Add a blanket over the fold and then add Decorative Pillows to finish it off. 
You don't have to add the last "blanket" element, but I really think it adds that final look of the bed :) I feel like the more layers the better.

Remember...Pillows really are the crowing jewel of a bed. For me I like A LOT of pillows. 
But do whatever you like best!
 Once you have everything in place, It really is easy to make this bed. I would say it takes me about 5 minutes to make my bed. 
5 minutes well spent, to jump start the day! :)


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