Closet & Pantry Organizing Tips

I love the fresh feeling of Springtime! I am a BIG spring cleaner and organizer! 
When the tulips pop out of the ground, the labels and color-coordinating begins :)

Today, I am going to share some of my favorite Organizing Tips and all my "go-to" containers to organize anything and everything! I just feel if things have a "PLACE", it helps to make this CRAZY yet wonderful, kid-raising life feel a little bit smoother, or at least I like to think so anyway! :)
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Labels...For me labels don't need to be fancy.  Often, I just go on my computer, choose a font I like and print away. Every once in a while I do take the time to laminate the paper so the labels will hold up.  The general rule of thumb is to make sure your labels are easy to read, especially while labeling for your children.  For about 3 months, I didn't have labels on the boys' striped bins and their room was constantly a mess.  But, the moment I took the time and label them, somehow the boys' room stayed surprisingly clean. When I would ask them to put away the laundry, they did a pretty good job at it, thanks to the labels. Even the hubby found it easier to clean their room:)

I kind of feel like sorting with labels can be a game or kind of like a puzzle!
Haha...there is the clean freak in me! I suppose cleaning can be FUN, right?!?

I also can't live without labels in the pantry!
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Without baskets and labels my pantry is a bit out of CONTROL! 
 Labels seem to help tame the mountains of food! For my pantry, I picked up little chalkboards at my local decor store. They have been AWESOME!!! I have relabeled them several times! 

I also LOVE containers that are already labeled. I found both sets of these tins online at What a fun way to store all your cooking dry goods!
And it makes your pantry all fancy - who doesn't love that?!?
DSC_0606 copy
DSC_0608 copy

Color Coordinating... In my daughter’s room, her bow collection is "well" a little crazy :)
I have a thing for bows and bubblegum necklaces and I needed a way to store them so that I was able to see and use them daily. I decided to color-coordinate everything. I can't tell you how nice it is to quickly scan over the bows and find the color you're looking for vs. having to dig through every single bow until I could find the one I was after!

It just wasn't working having them all thrown together in a drawer or box, so this shoe organizer came to the rescue! All styles and sizes of bows fit nicely. I even have some pockets below the bows for her fun necklaces.
DSC_0588 copy

Another area in my house that I like to color-coordinate is the closet. By color-coordinating all my shirts, skirts and sweaters, it became easy for me too:  
 1) Know what clothing I have 

2) Putting outfits together is a pleasant experience vs. the morning nightmare
DSC_0034 copy500
Before I started color-coordinating my closet, I would forget about clothes that I even owned and even WORSE, I would find many with tags still on them, YIKES!

Bins... The striped gray canvas bins (above) and  these metal baskets (below) I  currently have in my boys room.  I LOVE them!!! They come in loads of colors you can find them at Target!

I am pretty picky about my canvas bins. They have to be strong with solid walls.
 The bins that can be folded down and stored away are not my favorite:(  
After a while, they lose their durability, and really... who wants to keep re-buying storage containers that fall apart?! I would rather buy a darling pair of shoes, am I right? 
 organizing tips for the new year
Baskets... My go to place for baskets is IKEA. They have a HUGE selection of heavy-duty baskets that last. I am always impressed by the quality and price. I have had baskets in my pantry for over 2 years and they are still solid and going strong, even with 6 of us in the house eating how many times a day! I am a HUGE fan!

Well friends...Thats is all for today. I hope that helped get you off to the right start for some spring cleaning!!! :)


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