Decorating With Lamps

Lets Talk LAMPS :)
I feel like lamps are sometimes overlooked. It seems we view them more as a piece of d├ęcor rather than an essential part of the room. To me lamps are just as important as overhead lighting. In many cases, I prefer turning on a lamp than flipping the switch to an overhead light or can lights. Overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh, where lamps add a warmth, glow and softness to the space.

I have shopped lamps for years trying to find those that are unique and of good quality. The biggest problem I have found is finding the right size. There are some REALLY cute lamps out there, but are usually too small. A small lamp on a big nightstand or end table can come across almost dollhouse size. 

When it comes to lamps, I like to remember this tip: put LARGE things in small spaces. I always go as large as possible. I like to decorate areas with a few larger items I love vs. a lot of little things to just fill the space.

At the moment, my favorite lamps are these from Ashley Furniture.

I was so impressed by their quality; the shades are included, which is a great find, and adds to the value of the price point. The shades are a neutral color, which I am a HUGE fan of neutral! Neutral shades will always be in style! But... I do like a little character when it comes to the base of lamps. I like patterns or colors or a really great shape.

I just added the Blue Artichoke Lamps to my Master Bedroom. The pop of color is so fun!

A few months back I added the white porcelain lamps to my front room! Some other places I have found great lamps are Pottery Barn (of course) and ever so often Target has some great ones as well. The shades at Target aren't always the best quality, but the bases are pretty AMAZING when you pick the right size!

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