Colorful and Easy DIY Centerpieces

I was going through my blog files and realized I never shared this post. It was an event from this past summer. I wanted to share it because it's still one of my favorite DIY Projects!

Maybe the timing of this post is perfect since Spring is upon us and enjoying the outdoors with parties, Bar-B-Q's and weddings will be here before we know it! Easy, simple and affordable center pieces are always a fun way to make an event special. So here it is... hope you like it :)

Our family has had some exciting things happen this past summer. We just recently had a wonderful event. Many friends and family came to support my nephew as he left for New Zealand to serve an LDS Mission. I love a creative challenge and I wanted it to be a day to remember for my nephew!
I enjoy making even the smallest events special! For me it's all about making memories. I also believe that events do not need to cost a lot of money. I love to repurpose old things around the house and that is what I did for the centerpieces used at the luncheon for all our family and friends. I'm excited to share how I designed these easy centerpieces with very little cost!  I wanted a simple but colorful theme.
Here is what I came up with

I had found these printables on
I loved the color scheme!  From here everything else fell into place.
My sister had some old books that she was getting rid of so I took the books and painted the edges with gold spray paint I found in my garage.
I first measured the scrapbook paper to fit the book. Then used heavy duty glue and a small paint brush to cover the book. Then it was time to attach the paper to the book - Super Easy!
Here was the end result!
For the table decor, I bought gerber daises from my local floral shop and put them in glass vases I already owned. Simple...but impactful! My sister now has the covered books in her book cases.
They look DARLING!!! 
 I wanted to carry the theme through the entire event, so I found these darling tins at Target and added a simple ribbon to each of them.
A fun and practical way to serve utensils.  Also, by adding a fun punch of orange as the drink  seemed to bring everything together perfectly!
It was such a fun and exciting event...and cute to boot!

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  1. Cute ideas. I just send my son to Michigan. Would have loved to use some of these cute ideas. Maybe when he comes home. Thanks for sharing.