8 Tips for Taking Down Christmas Decor

We ADORE Christmas time!!! As soon as Halloween is over, my hubby wants me to start decorating the house :) I am always SUPER sad when I have to start taking it down (SNIFF) but the task has to be done. Here are a few tips I use, so that NEXT year I can get the decor up quick and once again enjoy the season!

#1- First off Take pictures of all your Christmas decor before you take it all down. You will be glad you did when you go to decorate next year. Organize and store ornaments by color. This way you know what you have! Which is KEY for decorating a tree. Looks like in my collection a bit more gold would make it complete 
#2 - Deep clean your house as you go! By the time Christmas is ALL put away, you will have a CLEAN house for the NEW YEAR!

#3 - If at all possible, buy green and red plastic containers for Christmas. Makes pulling out Christmas decor easier and a lot more festive!  There's something to be said that ALL stores sell red and green storage containers around this time of year. I think they are onto omething!

#4 - Use plastic bags to separate items like ribbon, lights, smaller items, etc... having everything labeled and separated makes it easier for the following year so there is no longer that guessing game of where things go.  It also STOPS the tangled ball of lights problem :)
#5 - Leave a note of what you need for next year inside the container. I have found that leaving myself a list of what is inside the box or items needed for next Christmas makes Christmas planning/shopping a snap. For example: "Buy 2 MORE Jumbo Red bulbs."

#6 - Put away decor in separate containers. For example: store all your "mantle decor" in one container and all your "banister decor" in another container. I like to include EVERYTHING needed for each space, including wire, lights and power cords.  The idea is that when you pull out all your Christmas boxes next year, you can focus on and complete decorating one space at a time, then move on to the next space without the CRAZY issue of Christmas decorating taking OVER the entire house! LOL  :)

#7 - Decorations seem to migrate into different containers from year to year. I like to use packing tape and a permanent black marker to label each container. This way if you need to move items into a new spot, it's an EASY change!
#8 - DON'T hate the clean up experience. Play some festive music and enjoy the process.
Think of it as a FRESH new start to life and goals. Once you're done, you're ready for the

Good Luck with your 2015 Take Down!

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