Navy Blue Bedroom Makeover

 I have to say a bedroom is my favorite space to decorate. I have a big weakness for beautiful bedding and pillows. Here on my blog I have written several posts on beds, sharing all sorts of tips and tricks.   My bedroom is always in a state of change, but for the most part... the basics always stay the same!
See HERE and HERE .  

With the new popularity of Navy in home decor, I knew I wanted to add a splash of it in my home, without having to commit to it 100%.

The bedroom was the perfect pallet for this fun color.  I already had a pretty blue-gray color going on in my room, which I LOVE and wanted to keep. So the transition to Navy was easy! All I added new was a set of Target sheets HERE and a Target bed in a bag HERE.  I did add this Pottery Barn Pillow HERE... I was lucky to have some store credit!  I am still looking for a few other pillows to group around the front, but that might just come after a bit of searching :)

As you can see in the picture, I have my same white ruffled shams, rug, striped curtains, bed frame and all the same lamps and accessories. For under $150 dollars I transformed my bedroom!

Quick Tip: If you are thinking of changing or updating your bedroom, be sure to stick with neutrals for the foundational items. You will be able to re-use these items over and over if you ever want to change the color pallet or if you're bedding needs replaced.

Product Info

Blue Blanket...Pottery Barn
Curtains...Pottery Barn
White Ruffled Quilt...Overstock
Bed and Night stands....Bramble Company
White ruffled Shams...Pottery Barn
Lamps... Black Goose (Salt Lake City)
Curtain Rods...Bed Bath & Beyond
Green Topiary...Overstock


  1. This might be weird, but I think of you as the "gorgeous bedding blogger" hehe! When I'm changing spaces up I always come to your blog for room inspiration!! The layering, patterns etc..are so on point!! :)


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  3. Heidi, your room is beautiful! Two questions-1. Is your bed king size? 2. Is the navy pillow in front of the white shams part of the target bed-in-a-bag set turned backward? Thanks!

  4. It looks beautiful! Love how crisp & bright everything is. Where are the two accent pillows from?

  5. I am wondering what color paint you used for the walls? Love your bedding choices too!

  6. What a beautiful bed! I wanted to ask, how has your Target bed in a bag comforter set held up? I was looking at purchasing it and wanted to see how well it has done over time.

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