My Top 5 Favorite Rugs

I love RUGS!!!  I kind of think I have a bit of an obsession for them...haha!  They add so much warmth, design and color to a space.  Rugs add that fundamental element that is so needed to make a space look and feel completed. 

I am pretty particular about my rugs. I personally LOVE and enjoy living on 100% wool rugs. These types of rugs can be PRICEY, but I have found awesome deals at Pottery barn. You just have to watch for the sales! The quality of these types of rugs are unmatched! So investing in a great quality rug is worth it, and in the long you save by not having to replace it years down the road. I still own rugs that are over 15 years-old:).   And if I ever get tired of the design, I just pass it along to family or friends way before the rug ever wears out. . . just sharing the wealth I suppose! :)

There are spaces in my home that I will splurge for wool rugs and other areas in my home that I will not. Having a high quality rug is a MUST for spaces like living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Buying a neutral rug will give you the freedom to change out furniture, pillows and fabric. But buying a rug that adds a punch of color is always fun as well. I have both in my home. I guess it all depends on what you are wanting! I do have places in my home that hold higher quality rugs and other areas that do not... for example, my entry, laundry, and outdoor areas have more affordable rugs. These areas seem to be SUPER high traffic and for one reason or another I always want to switch the style out more often. This season I have found a great collection of indoor/outdoor rugs from Target  Threshold line that were colorful and for the most part pretty good quality. Will they last for years to come? No... But for now I am enjoying them!!! :)

Here is an example of a room with a rug with a pop of color. This is my very good friend's front room. I adore her style!!!
I get questions about my front room rug all the time so today I thought it would be fun to share my current top 5 favorite rugs!
Ask me in a few weeks and I might have a different list;) Haha!!!
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here is my living room rug. In person its the perfect mix of Beige and Gray!
This one from Pottery Barn is classic! I love ALL the colors it comes in!!!

This one I have in my entry. It is a very thick wool carpet and the color is so yummy!

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  1. Hi. me again :) Where did you get the white bench in your entry way (with the yellow rug)? Thanks!