DIY | How To Make Your Curtains Hang Perfectly

 I have shared this tip years ago. I think it was one of my first posts when I started Home by Heidi back winter of 2011.  

 It's a great tip so I thought I would bring it to the forefront  Its such a quick and easy curtain fix. I have shared this trick with a number of friends and family over the years!

First things first... Supplies!!!
~A wire hanger or long stick with hook
~Ribbon or thick string
(I always like to use ribbon that matches closely with the curtain I am working with) 

It DRIVES me CRAZY when one side of my curtain is gathered and the other side looked flat and lifeless! ughh!! So I came up with this easy curtain solution. 
It might be somewhat simpleton, but it works for me.


{Step #1}
Take your curtain panel and lay it on its backside

{Step #2}
Find an old wire hanger or long stick with a hook, Anything that you can attach your  ribbon or string to.  

{Step #3}
Thread the ribbon through the open tab
(Tip...make sure you have plenty of extra ribbon on BOTH sides)

{Step #4} 
Tie the ends of the ribbon together 

{Step #5} 
It's finally time to add the rod. 
Keep the ribbon tied together when you are doing this. 
(It might be a tight squeeze!)

{Step #6}
Voila...hang your curtain rod and you're done!! 
I love this little trick because you never have to fuss with your curtains ever again! 

They stay PERFECTLY gathered all the time. 

Just one more thing that makes life a little bit easier! :)


  1. What an awesome tip! I tend to open and close my curtains each day (they are my only window coverings), so I wish there was a way to make them perfectly hung each day but still be able to open and close! But this is absolutely fabulous if they stay open!