Decorating With Red

RED... the never ending topic of decorating conversations. Do you use it?  Do you get rid of it?  Am I tired of it? WHY do I miss it?  When I built my home 8 some years ago, reds, yellows and blacks were the rage. Warmer colors everywhere you looked. You saw full rooms painted this lovely shade of red. It was the thing to do!!! But quickly, just like all trends, it started to change and I personally found myself with A LOT of red decor and not sure what direction to go. To change a home’s ENTIRE color scheme can be VERY pricey, and honestly at times, not really doable. 
In my basement, I was such a LOVER of RED that at the time, I painted my wet bar's big wooden hood red and it became a VERY permeant fixture in my home. As I saw the trends shifting from warmer to cooler tones, I was even more determined to embrace the red in my basement while still somehow enjoying the current popular colors.  

I am such a "list person" so here is a list of the many reasons why I embrace red:
 #1  I really do LOVE the color red....I always will!
#2 I didn't have the time or the money to 100% start over (makeovers are PRICEY)
#3 I wanted to feel HAPPY with my space and not feel like I was missing out on the new decorating trends.
 I had a goal to some how make red work with the fun grays, creams and blues that seem to be popular.
 With knowing that trends in decorating come and go, I needed to be true to “ME” and surround myself with the things I LOVE and not base my decorating decisions solely on what's popular.
 What I have found is the key with red is to use it sparingly. Overly using this color is when you can quickly tire of it. By pairing red with A LOT of neutrals, allows it to take on a fresh clean feeling vs feeling heavy and weighed down. In my basement, I added just small touches of red.  A pop in the floral pattern in my pillows. A vase of flowers, and also a bolder red accent pillow (quatrefoil). But again with a good amount of the red and cream colors in the pattern, I neutralized the space by using a solid gray/beige sofa (IKEA) and a gray neutral rug (Pottery Barn).  I hung some gray chevron curtains (West Elm) and painted my walls a warm neutral tanish-gray color (natural linen, Glidden). 

My hood stands alone with its bold red color.  Then over on my turquoise hutch, I have another pop of red in the flowers. And YES... Blue and Red do go together. You just need to make sure to pick the right shade of blue so it doesn't look like the forth of July :) Haha
Red will always be in style, it’s just how you go about using it!  Just be true to “YOU” and decide what you want in your home.  LOVE the space you’re in!


  1. This is so beautifully done Heidi! I love red too! My last house was all warm colors - reds, golds, browns. When we built this house, I decided to completely change my color palette, but since I couldn't buy ALL NEW FURNITURE - the warm colors are going down in the basement :)

  2. I LOVE how you've done this! I'm really struggling with changing up my living room right now. I would like to lighten it up but my furniture is kind of a darker mossy green, makes it seem dark no matter what I do. Any ideas?

  3. i love all your red and blues together. I totally agree they can easily go together if done right and you totally did it right. I love red and have it in my daughters room because I couldn't part with it. :)