How To Plan a Party on a Budget

I am a big believer that you can have AMAZING Beautiful Parties without breaking the bank! If you if pick your theme early enough, you can plan ahead and watch for sales. That way you have TIME to decide what is REALLY important and where you can get more BANG for the Buck!

 Here is a list of my Favorite tips and tricks for planning my parties

{Party Planning on Budget}
Choose a theme and color scheme far in advance
Decide on a budget (stick to it)
Decide what you want to splurge on (what will be the BIGGEST impact)
Watch for sales and seasonal items ( Target Dollar Spot)
Pick a theme that mom and child can be excited about
(get YOUR creative Juices going)

{Shop Around the House}

Use Bedsheets and old Fabric for Tablecloths and backdrops
Use home décor as party decorations! It can add a different element
Borrow from friends and family to SAVE money!

{Keep Things Simple}

Stick with the theme 
Keep costs down with simple food
Don’t over think things
Enjoy the moment; don’t take on more than you can chew
Have a schedule for party events
Ask for Help from Friends and Family

{All About the Memories}

It is wonderful to have a pretty table, but don't forget to plan fun
Focus on Making memories
simple things can make a big impact
spend your money on the Party, and have the gifts from Friends and
Family be the gifts to open 

{Do it Yourself}

Plan Ahead...A last minute DIY can be stressful
Decide what is worth your time and money. Remember your time has a price point
How big of an impact will it make

Below is a party planning checklist that I created. I hope that it helps along your party planning journey!


And Remember...


  1. Love this Heidi! Such great ideas that keeps things simple!

  2. Great ideas for sure! Everything's better with cake!