Easter Spring Mantle 2015

S.P.R.I.N.G. My favorite time of year!
 I like to decorate my mantle so it lasts not only until Easter but beyond. I have had this up since after Valentine’s Day, but with how CRAZY my schedule has been I am just now getting around to posting. Most everything in this picture I already owned. The bunny and wood crate are the only NEW items. I found the bunny at Target and the crate at Michaels.

I wanted a FRESH clean feel. I Love mixing varieties of white flowers! White is my personal favorite color for all flowers! I have never been one to ask for red or pink roses. My wedding bouquet was made of  big, beautiful white garden roses, so you can see why I love them some much!
It holds a sentimental reason for me! :)

 Hope you enjoy the pictures and wishing you a wonderful Easter Holiday!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Love everything so much! I've been waiting for you to post about your spring decor :) Your home decor posts are my favorite! Thanks so much for sharing :)