Valentine Candy Bouquet

Valentine’s Day will soon be here! Have you thought about a way to express your LOVE?  
Flowers are amazing to receive, but throw me a bag of Cinnamon Candy and I am just as happy! YUMMY! This Candy Bouquet is PERFECT for the candy lovers out there! 
Simple and Super easy to make, it will put a smile on anyone’s face:)

 I do have a small secret with how I put this bouquet together. 

I didn't use an entire bag of Hot Tamales to fill the canister. Candy is pricey as we know, so the bottom portion I filled with white beans and then covered the top part with Hot Tamales.
The beans do an AWESOME job holding up the straws! 

Here is a Fun printable that would look darling on really anything Valentine Creation :)
Click on Image to
MORE Valentine’s fun coming this WEEK! Stay Posted!!!

Supplies Needed
Cinnamon Candy or any (Gummy Type Candy)
Tooth Picks
Hot Tamales
paper Straws


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