DIY Birthday Cake

Custom cakes can be PRICEY!  And it seems the MORE layers the more expensive it is! 
This last summer, I threw a Flamingo Party for my oldest. To save on the budget I Attempted my first DIY Birthday Cake :)
I was DREAMING of this cake (minus the Eiffel Tower) that I found on Pintrest! 
But for someone to make it for me would have been hundreds of dollars! (YIKES)

So I attempted to do something I have never EVER tried before. Make a three-tier cake! I was stressing this one out FOR SURE! I only had time the morning of the party to decorate it. I was praying it was going to turn out. I do have a few secrets I used to ENSURE this cake would work out! You might feel like I cheated, but I feel pretty good about my short cuts! haha

~ The bottom rosette layer of my cake I had Alberstons bake for me! (Sneaky I know)

~The 2nd layer of my cake is a round foam I bought from Michaels. I then covered it with white homemade fondant (super easy to make) and the pink stripes were pre-made fondant that I bought on Amazon! I molded the M by hand and also used black fondant. The brand I used was AWESOME and tasted GREAT. I would Definitely recommend it!

~The Top Tier is real cake as well. But again...Alberstons came to the rescue. They made a 6 inch round cake that they lightly frosted. All I did was cover the top with pre-made pink fondant and molded a black bow out of fondant as well.

My super nice SIL had a few tools that she let me use to smooth out the fondant. She also was my moral support as I attempted to assemble the cake. Even though I didn't do the baking part of the process, I felt it was still a bit challenging. Working with fondant is NOT as easy as it looks! But I am so glad I attempted it. This experience gives me some confidence that I could do something like this again :) If I can do can you! 
In the end, even though I see a BILLION mistakes (ugh) I am still happy with how it turned out. 


  1. Wow, I am super impressed. This turned out so cute!

  2. Beautiful & Brilliant- I loved your shortcuts!