Decorating With Self-Advesive Wallpaper

Over the years I have loved my bedroom armoire, but I also have felt like it was missing something, a bit of character, something fun to set it apart! I tried using all sorts of decor pieces to make it POP, but it seemed like nothing was doing the job. I wasn’t sure what direction I needed to go until I stumbled upon this self-adhesive from Target! This product can be found in many colors and patterns at Target. I have to say, I am a FAN!!!
I KNEW this product was exactly what I was looking for! I was EXCITED to see how it would transform the piece!


Ok, first thing’s first! If you have EVER worked with vinyl or Self-Adhesive you’ll know it can be VERY forgiving but at the same time a bit tricky. Here are a few tips I learned along the way.

~ Cut to Fit. I found instead of just “GOING” for it, it was best to measure the space and then cut on a flat surface

~Use an Exact-o knife and a ruler NOT scissors. You’ll get a cleaner line.

~Line up the pattern. This is JUST like wallpaper. You will have some waste so just keep that in mind when buying.

~Take it slow! I found it was better to take the backing off slowly. Secure the section you are working on, then remove more of the backing once the portion above is in place. Working from the top to the bottom in small sections vs. ripping it all off at the same time makes a HUGE difference.
Decorating with Self-Adhesive Wallpaper is different and fun…
It’s AMAZING how the littlest of things makes such a HUGE difference!


  1. WOW! What a subtle, yet huge difference! Love that pattern and now I'm going to steal that idea - thanks ;)

  2. LOVE the new backing, and LOVE your armoire! So, so pretty!