Decorating High-End vs. Low-End

I know that I am NOT the only one with a deep love for TARGET!!!  I would say I would have  the same LOVE for Pottery Barn if it wasn't for their price tag at times. Though, I do splurge here and their when I am looking for AMAZING quality that lasts a lifetime.

I do believe in saving my pennies and buying quality, but Target sometimes fits the bill better, and most times, I am not looking for long-term quality as much as something new and fresh to change up the space. BUT, I do have to say, I have been VERY impressed with the Threshold line. This line in particular seems to mirror what's going on over in Pottery Barn land.  And the quality, dare I say... seems comparable to Pottery Barn. The one item I am the biggest fan of is the Threshold sheet set. I use to ONLY buy Pottery Barn for sheets, but the Threshold line is just as SOFT, durable and well HALF the price!!!

Today I am going to share some of the latest trends with Bedding, Lamps and Rugs! I will share the High-End (Pottery Barn) and a Low-End alternatives (Target). What's so crazy is the look is pretty much the same.  One of my decorating secrets is splurging on a big item like a rug and then filling in the gaps with Low-End items. Stretches the budget and fills the empty space:)

A lot of these items I have seen in person and I even own a few. So they are tried and true!
It's fun seeing these items side by side! 

Here is a list of items I personally 
Buy High-End and Low-End

Rug...there is just something about 100% wool (swoon)
Quilts...high-end will last FOREVER
Pillow can take a cheap pillow cover and fill it with a REALLY nice insert and the pillow is TRANSFORMED!
Greenery...the quality of high-end greenery cannot be matched. There is just something about it.'s just so pretty and unique
Bedding....depending on the piece I like to mix high and low together. But I have found high-end comforters are A LOT better!

Lamps...I like low-end lamps just as much as high-end. But if the lamp is on a CRAZY good deal, I will snatch it up!
  Pillows...I always look for throw pillows for the bed or Sofa that I can pair with high-end pillows. Pairing high and low give a depth that only low end pillows don't offer. 

Bedding...sheets and depending on the quality of the duvet I go low-end

Home can find some REALLY great decor on the cheap. Just be picky and shop around.  You can find stuff at Target and Hobby Lobby that you would swear walked out of a Pottery Barn magazine. I easily tire of my home decor, so I HATE buying high-end stuff UNLESS I know I will LOVE it forever!

Frames...can't really tell a I right? haha

Hope this helps!!! Happy Shopping :)


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  2. Thanks for the infomation on the sheets. Great post!

  3. I also must say thanks for the info on the sheets. After searching for reasonably priced sheets, I am glad to hear that the Threshold line is comparable to Pottery Barn. Thanks!