Valentine iPod Printable

Here is an Oldie but Goodie. I featured these iPods a few years back on my blog. 
During that time, the candy heart box was the size of the current iPod. Since then these gadgets are getting smaller and smaller, though all that changed with the new MEGA huge 6 Plus that really could be considered a mini iPad:)  My hubby surprised me with a 6 Plus when I got home from my NYC trip a few weeks ago. I was SUPER excited about all the AMAZING features like the big screen and WOW it sure takes amazing PICTURES!  I tried it out for a few days and WELL... 
call me CRAZY, but I ended up exchanging it for the Regular 6.  
I guess the PLUS was just a bit too PLUS for me! Haha 
I guess BIGGER isn't ALWAYS better! Or at least that's the case for me and my little hands :)

Here is a list of supplies you will need for these Valentines
- Boxed Candy Hearts
-Double Stick Tape
-Tin Foil

The kisses don't really like to stay attached to the string, so I first tape the kisses to the string 
and then rewrap it with a bit of tin foil

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  1. My kids made these a few years ago when you first featured them and everyone loved them!