Kissing Booth Valentine

Valentine's Day is Upon us! I really LOVE this day...No pun intended! Haha
Over the years we have had some fun with our Valentine's for the kids see HERE and HERE
This year my oldest daughter wanted something extra special, so we started to brainstorm and came up with this fun Kissing Booth Valentine.
I'll be using this idea for my little boy's class as well.
But my 10-year-old son...well, he wants NOTHING to do with it!
Kisses are Ewwww GROSS!!!  I'm not really surprised :) haha

Also Go check out this DARLING blog 
See her kissing booth! Her Printable is also Super Cute and also FREE :)  
Supplies Needed
-Box of Candy Hearts
-Hot Glue
-Straws Cut in Half
-Wrapping Paper
-Double Stick Tape

Wrap a box of Candy Hearts with wrapping paper. Use double stick tape to add the bottom printable. Then hot glue the straw to the box. I also hot glued the straw to the top printable.
Fast, simple and adorable :)

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  1. Hey, stopping by from the Link Party Palooza! This kissing booth Valentine is too cute, thanks for sharing!