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I am still adding to my Home Tour, little by little, so stay posted! 
Today I am sharing our
This kitchen has been a long time coming!
I can't tell you all the brain cells I've lost over this room!!! haha.When we first built our home. 
The trending colors were yellows, reds, blacks and greens.  At that time I loved it, but as the styles changed the kitchen was the first thing I wanted a new look for. I really fought with letting go of the color red in my home. I do still LOVE red but now I use it a lot more sparingly! It has found a home in my basement and I LOVE it there mixed with lots of neutrals, whites and creams :)  

Here are some BEFORE pictures of my kitchen and somewhere in-between
Painting over my red paint was the BEST thing I ever did.  It was also the beginning of the journey of figuring out this new space.  I tell you decorating is Trial and Error FOR SURE. Sometimes it takes me a YEAR to get spaces JUST RIGHT.  I am a HUGE fan of being patient and waiting to buy the PERFECT piece. Sometimes I have left tables or walls bare for months searching for the mystery item. I will NOT buy just to fill the space. :)

Once the red was primed over, I started with all sorts of paint colors. I first tried a beige yellow color (Plantain Beige-Sherwin) to match the rest of my house...HATED IT next to my cabinets.
I then decided to embrace the gray-blue trend and so I tried (Comfort Gray-Sherwin) LOVED it... so it went in my bedroom, but I just didn't love it for my kitchen. It wasn't the vision I had in my head.
I wanted my kitchen to be warmer and more inviting. I also wanted to accent with blue and I found it hard using blue decor with blue paint. I tried a few colors after that, not really worth mentioning. My dad would joke with me that my walls were going to fall off one day due to the weight of all the paint. Haha..funny one DAD!

In the middle of everything, I decided our 7-year-old wood floors needed to be refinished. So I figured since I was already putting money into getting them re-done, why not change the color.
The wood floors went from a natural light birch to a warm cinnamon-brown color. ( LOVE)

Then the wallpaper came into play and the light bulb went on!!! I was going to do something I had NEVER done before and use wallpaper on my kitchen walls (YIKES) Let me tell you, I was NERVOUS, but when the first strip went up I knew it was PERFECT! I am now a sucker for wallpaper. Whenever I suggest wallpaper to my clients, I can literally feel them cringe! And all they can think of is the wallpaper from the 1990's.  It's true...I still laugh at home videos at the navy and yellow plaid paper my mom had in her kitchen. Looks dated now, but it was ALL the rage back in the day. And I am sure, give my wallpaper 20 years and my kids will be laughing at me!

ANYWAYS... let's get back on topic.

Once the paper went up, I felt as if EVERYTHING else just started falling into place. I finally had a  foundation to work from. Next came new lights, a beautiful painted pantry door, new grout color for the existing tile, newly painted barstools, new kitchen table and chairs and a roman shade above the window. I kept my existing counter top. I considered changing them, but a dark element in a white kitchen is ALWAYS a good idea so instead of changing the counters, I used the money to change the color of the island.  Boy... am I happy I did! It made all the difference :)

I am slowly adding decor that I love to the kitchen and I find myself switching it in and out often.

If you are thinking of doing a kitchen makeover and are a bit gun shy, I say GO FOR IT!
Take the risk. You might be happy you did!

Here is the
click on pictures to enlarge
Lights...Black Goose Design or shadesoflight
Barstools...Old refinshed
Numbers...Black Vinyl
Plants...Tai Pan
Kitchen Aid...Ice Blue
Pantry Door...Rainwashed with Dark glaze
Bakery sign...Joss and Main
Roman Shade...Custom Blake Goose Design


  1. Your kitchen is beautiful! I saw it for the first time over on Instagram a few weeks back and had to hunt it down. Love all your choices and the wallpaper is just fabulous!

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  3. Your kitchen is beautiful! So inviting and cozy. Great transformation.

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  7. Love your kitchen. Beautiful colors!what color paint and glaze are on the chairs and island?

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