Custom Frame Giveaway-ENDED

I've shared my family picture with my white custom frame on Instagram a few times.
Whenever I do, I get loads of questions concerning the frame.
 So I thought to myself... WHY NOT SHARE one of my FAVORITE pieces of  my home decor
with all of you!!! :)

Here are some details about my frame...
It's a very LARGE frame 20x24 is the opening, but the frame is MUCH bigger then that.
The frame has SEVERAL stacks to it. It is honestly the prettiest piece I have ever owned.

TODAY One LUCKY winner will win this
11x14"  GORGEOUS BLACK  Custom Frame!
It is just like mine but smaller

This frame is made of real wood and 100% custom.
My cute friend's husband custom makes them by hand! 
She is also SUPER talented and has a fun Etsy shop found HERE and a DARLING blog HERE
If you have questions about these frames just contact her on the Etsy Site.

OK... here is what you MUST do to enter!


  1. What a beautiful frame! I love that yours is so big! I also love the light coloring,. It has been so neat to see your home transform, although I love it even in your before pictures.
    By the way, whenever I click on the follow button for Pinterest, it starts the page all over with the entry part missing. I follow you but I had to ignore this part or it wouldn't let me enter!

  2. I don't have an instagram account or a twitter account, so I can't fill in those sections and the processor won't let me submit.