How to Build a Backdrop for Parties

I am super excited to be sharing this tip today! With the coming New Year I always like to plan ahead. Hopefully this will bring a different and fun element to all your future parties and festivities, as it has for my family!

This building project does take some wood working skills, but if you are handy with a nail gun and miter saw, I know you can do it too!  A little over a year ago, I was preparing for my baby's First Birthday Party. Since it was her 1st, I wanted to do something different so we made this unique backdrop. My inspiration came form a wedding I planned this past summer. I looked at the massive walls setup in the yard, and I thought to myself... I could use the same concept but on a smaller scale for all the fun parties and festivities our family has. So I stated thinking about it in depth of how I wanted it to look. I even got my hubby on board to translate my CRAZY idea into reality.  Since I was putting in the time and money to build a solid backdrop I wanted it to be easily assembled and unassembled. Something I could change the look of for future parties.

This is what me and my hubs came up with! First we started with a simple frame.
Think of it as the back of a canvas. We used thin wood slats that we found at Home Depot for the frame. After Brett assembled the frame, I got to work with a staple gun and covered the entire thing with fabric. Brett got to work on the two stands that hold the frame, and the top piece (a thick crown) 
this topper finishes the look and slips off and on easily.
The Base...We use screws on each side to secure the frame
The wood used was MDF and crown molding.  Nailed and glued together.
It is a bit beat up...It has been VERY LOVED! :)

This was the first party I used it for... It was the hit!!!
My family and Brett's family all came to celebrate Madeline and all loved it!
See the ENTIRE party HERE
The backdrop was GREAT for Madeline's party, but ... knowing myself well enough, I was left wanting to improve it.  I didn't LOVE the sun shining thru the bones of the frame, 
so for the next party (Megan's Summer Flamingo party) 
I had my hubby nail bead board over the frame (as seen in picture)
Isn't this FUN... you get to see all the sneak peeks of the parties I have been doing over the past few months. I have had no time to post! but I will SOON, I promise!
Megan's Flamingo party was back in AUGUST, YIKES!!!  I'd better get going :)

And last is my Little Buddy's Party. His Birthday was early December. We used the same backdrop with the beadboard for a Football Party. What 10-year-old boy doesn't want a football party!? :)  
We had a lot of fun with this one! More pictures coming soon!
For my next party, which is in the next few weeks, I have some ideas cooking in my head of how I am going to use this backdrop for my son's birthday (Spoiler Alert: we might have a visit from someone he calls "Dark Vada" . . . visual fun soon to come)!
Really the possibilities are endless.  Now that I have a solid backdrop adding and removing fabric is easy and with the beadboard as the main backing, it no longer shows the bones!
as far as all the posters displayed on the backdrop. I have used several designers found on Etsy and also some my husband works with :)

Happy Parties!!!


  1. hi Heidi! Love this so much! Can you explain how you mounted the chalkboard and the Madeline's one poster? Are they both printed? And then you just stick them on?