How To Hang a Wreath With Ribbon

It’s CHRISTMAS! My favorite time of year!!! Yes, I’m one of THOSE people:) I DECK out our home from top to bottom, you might even say that the outside of the house looks a bit like the Griswolds . . . ok maybe A LOT like the Griswolds;) we go a little CRAZY with lights!If you know me, you will know I use ribbon EVERYWHERE in my decorating! A great example is my Christmas mantle found HERE! I have my favorite kinds and I use them over and over again!

Whenever I post pictures of wreaths with ribbon on them, the #1 question people ask is how I attach them to the door. So today I am going to share my secret. But before that, I have to share one thing… I have a pet peeve. YIKES! I DON’T like door wreath holders! 
First of all…they scratch the door and door jamb. Also, whenever you try and close the door you either hear metal sliding against the top of the door, or you hear your wreath fall down from the force of the closed door. NO GOOD! 
Last thing is the door hanger is NEVER long enough and your wreath is hung way too high. This is especially true when hung on those AWESOME taller doors I’ve seen on newer homes
The best way to explain my tip is to first show you a picture. 
A visual is always a good thing!

Yep… that’s me nailing the ribbon to the top of the door. Most doors (especially outside doors) are metal on the outside and wood on the inside, soooo it’s perfect for a nail.Now, I know what you’re thinking, “No way am I going to stick a long, thick nail in my door.”

NO worries…I have found the perfect nail… My personal FAVORITE! (Roofing Nails) 
(found HERE) you can pretty much find them at any hardware store.Why do I LOVE these nails? The top of the nail head is VERY wide and VERY flat. The other reason I love to use them is that the nail itself is VERY short. So when I go to pry the nail up, it pops out without any fuss and doesn’t destroy the door in anyway.Side note…DO NOT nail it in 100%… leave a little space below the nail and the ribbon so you can easily pry it up with a screwdriver or hammer

What is left… a Beautiful Front Door Wreath…hung to perfection

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  1. Great tip! When you hang another wreath, do you use the same nail hole?