Letter to Santa

I don't know about you, but my kids are getting excited for CHRISTMAS! 
I love my little 5-year-old... He has shown me SEVERAL times pictures of what he wants from SANTA! It's sooooo cute!

 I really like this time of year and being able to use the "naughty or nice" card whenever I need to keep my kiddos in line:) Ha, such a mom thing to do!  :)
Having little kids still left at our home is so magical!  Such a golden age that unfortunately goes by WAY too fast!!!

OK...soooo it might be a little too early to be jumping into Christmas...but it is less than 38 days ‘til the BIG day! YIKES... for me that’s SUPER close :)   
Also my hubby is already playing his “Christmas Jams,” as he puts it.  
So I guess NOW is the perfect  time to share our Christmas tradition of gift giving, and maybe help you get a head start on your Christmas shopping :)

In our house, SANTA is very selective about the gifts he gives. I feel that if the kids know the number of gifts and what types of gifts they’ll receive, their expectations or disappointments are better managed. 
We also have started a tradition that we go away for Christmas every other year! 
Be it a weekend getaway or family vacation. It's a great way to move away from the need/expectation for presents, presents, presents!
The off year, the kids only get ONE gift from Santa and we do a service for someone in need.

I've had A LOT of questions about the Santa's Letter I posted a few years back. 
That letter was one I found on Pintrest, it wasn't mine...I tried tracking down the original source, but with no such luck. 
So I thought I would just design a card of my own to share!

Hope you enjoy this FREE PRINTABLE and all the fun holiday festivities that will soon be here!!!



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