Happy November!!!

November has finally arrived!!! 
I love this time of year as the leaves turn and the fall mountain air is brisk and fresh! 
For me it's a time to ponder on all my many blessing, view the beauty that the Lord has created and especially show more love and gratitude towards my wonderful family. 
I feel very blessed to live around many of my brothers and sisters as well as my hubby's family. 
It truly makes life rich!
The decor around our house shifted over VERY quickly. Do I admit I was pulling down Halloween as the last trick or treater rang the bell? 
As much as I LOVE Halloween and all its orange and black glory, it didn't take me more than 15 minutes to change over to the next Holiday:) 
I am VERY ready to move onto November and then DECEMBER!!! MY FAVORITE  :)

The first thing my husband did this morning is turn on the Christmas music he has been patiently holding out until after Halloween to start playing through the house:) 
I personally am not too sure about the Christmas music being played on November 1st
but he LOVES it, so I roll with it! 


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