How To Use Galvanized Metal in Decorating

I just adore using different textures and patterns in decorating.  
I like incorporating unexpected pieces, just for fun to mix things up a bit, so the space doesn't feel too matchy, matchy and boring. 
One of my favorite designers once told me to always add a 
conversation piece, something unexpected! 

Lately, I have been drawn to metal, particularly galvanized metal!
In my own personal space, I have added just a few elements: 
I like to use outdoor lighting in place of indoor lighting. 
I feel it gives a new take on
lighting with a fresh almost industrial look!

{In The Kitchen}
My Galvanized 3-tier stand has come in handy for 
MANY occasions!
Everyday uses such a fruit, a dish holder and also for Holidays and Birthdays...Cupcakes look ADORABLE in it :)

Catch My Party used their 2-tier stand as a functional 
piece for their tablescape...Swoon!
Galvanized letters have always been a hit!!! "EAT" is a great example of my favorite way to use them in the kitchen. 
I have seen them around in all sizes, but most recently at 
Hobby Lobby

And let’s not forget all the FUN metal chairs that are popping up all over the place. I have noticed them placed in formal settings as well as in simple spaces, even outdoor areas.
  Metal always has a place in decorating!
I just adore the look of it!

Remember when decorating to think outside the box. 
Put a little “YOU” into your decorating to really 
personalize your space!!!

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