Friday Favorites

Oooooh Target you make my heart skip a beat! You just GET ME! 
But I do have a love/hate relationship with you. YOU get me in TROUBLE with the hubby all the time! :( Hahaha

 This season, Target's Christmas Decor and clothing are AMAZING!!! 
Here are some of my FRIDAY FAVORITES that I just HAD to throw in my cart and bring home with me! 
My little girl is going to be decked out for the Holiday Season with these fun outfit ideas! 
And It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas over at the homestead with all the
FUN Christmas Pillows and Decor. 
Can't wait to show you all!!! :)

All these items can be found in the store or online 

Click on pictures for direct links :)

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  1. Love it all! I have tried to stay out of Target. I went in there just for hot cocoa (which they didn't have out yet) the other day and managed to leave with just one thing.