Flamingo Birthday Party

I threw this Flamingo Party, for Megan's Birthday, last August! Yikes!!! 
I have been soooo busy that I am just barely getting around to posting!
I have also been holding back because sad to say I didn't get the BEST pictures of the party (Sniff)  My camera was NOT working that day BUMMER!!! 

Oh well, we still have all the fun memories, right? 
On the UPSIDE...this was the first tiered cake I've ever attempted! Like EVER!!!
I was pretty happy with how it turned out! 
I'll be posting later about the cake, and all my little secrets that made it possible. So watch for that!
The Flamingo Party was a BLAST, though there were some hiccups!!! I mean REALLY what party doesn't have them RIGHT???  It was a CRAZY rainy day and at the last second we brought the party inside :) So I had 15+ kids running around like CRAZIES in my basement! And a house full of both sides of the family as well!!
Ahhhhh, and so it goes :) In the end, everyone did have a good time!

Here are the invites that I purchased on Anders Ruff Design. The ladies over there are AWESOME to work with!!! They designed all the fun little elements for the party including the BIG Megan flamingo sign. I wish I had more pictures of the table to share.
But I at least got all the fun individual shots!

Fun was had by all!!!


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