Christmas Tree Ribbon

With Christmas almost here, decorating is at the top of most peoples lists.
So I thought I would give a quick and EASY tutorial on how I do my Christmas Tree ribbon
I have received loads of questions on how I do it and I thought this week it being Thanksgiving and the first thing people do after Turkey day is put up the TREE... 
it would be the PERFECT time :)

First...this type of  ribbon technique requires A LOT of ribbon so be sure and buy plenty.

Step #1...Cut a VERY long ribbon

Step #2... Leave a long tail on the right and the left ... Loop  the ribbon in 3 parts  
(side note - I have looped 2-5 loops as well, All depending on the look you are after)

Step #3...Wire the bottom of the loops making sure they are securely attached
Step #4...I then cut the very tip of each of the ribbon tails for a pretty finish
Step #5....Place the ribbon in the tree
 I like to use wired ribbon, that way I can shape the ribbon in the tree and give it lots of character.
 I place several ribbon bundles in pockets all over the tree. 
After the ribbon is in place,
 I then add all the fun Christmas tree elements to create that magical touch!  
At times, I like adding other ribbon that I wrap around the entire tree or I attach shorter ribbon pieces to a hanging ornaments
It's as easy as that :)  Hope this simple tip helps with your Holiday decorating!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving 
and Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Ribbon always seems to be my nemesis during the holiday. I think I can do this though! Thanks for the tips!