Home Tour...Master Bedroom

I am excited to do a House Tour and start sharing bits of the updates in our home! 

I see my home as a place of refuge from the storms of life and a place where I can regroup! The truth is, life isn't always a big bowl of cherries with 
all it's CRAZY ups and downs.  
So I figure... I can at least control and enjoy where I hang my hat.. right?! (wink) 

I just recently went through a design transformation and shifting of styles. 
I do still love my RED (I always will), but I was still able to 
incorporate a bit of red in small doses!!!
 It has been fun embracing the natural color scheme that is trending lately, but still adding my love of that farm house, cottage feel! :)

I feel I have a very distinct style of what I like. And I hope you all do too :)

So first off is the Master Bedroom....

 It is definitely lighter and more airy compared to my last designed Master Bedroom  
of greens and yellows. 
I still love BOTH designs . . . who knows ... I just might throw on my old green quilt just for kicks down the road :) 
If you want to see what it looked like BEFORE click 

Resource List
Bed Frame...Bramble
Tall Lamp..Bramble
night stands...Bramble ( Real Deals)
Duvet Cover and Shams...Pinecone Hill
White ruffled Lumbar...TJ Maxx
Blanket...TJ Maxx
White Quilt...Overstock
stripe chair...Overstock
White ruffled Euro..Pottery Barn
Curtains...Pottery Barn
White distressed Pot...Pottery Barn
& Symbol...Tai pan
Tall White Pot...Black goose
Blue Euros...Black Goose ( SLC, UTAH)
side table lamps...Black Goose (SLC, UTAH)
Bird...Black Goose
clock...Black Goose
Kidney pillow...Amazon
white flowers...IKEA
White Paint...Albaster (SW)
Gray Paint..Comfort Gray (SW)


  1. I absolutely love this room! What is the paint color on the planked wall and the blue/grey wall?

  2. Megan...Here you go
    White Paint...Albaster (SW)
    Gray Paint..Comfort Gray (SW)

    1. Is Alabaster white or creamy? And is the bedding a mix of grey, beige and cream or white?

    2. The white is a happy mix of white amd cream. The bedding beige cream and white ;)

  3. So lovely Heidi!! The bedding is perfection and I love all the little accents!! The L O V E signs are my favorite!! Well done!!

  4. .... Did I miss where you found the L O V E framed letters?? Love those!!

  5. So I'm about to place a Bramble order and your room is my inspiration! Do you know if your bed and side tables are the WHD-White Heavy distressed or ANC-Antique Cream? Just love this room!! Thanks!

  6. I absolutely love this master bedroom! The colors, decor and patterns are all so "perfect"!
    I am actually redecorating my bedroom, and this has been my inspiration. I hope I can ask you a few questions about the colors. From what I can tell,, the colors appear to be gray, beige and blue. Is that correct? Pottery Barn has those curtains in "porcelain blue" and "smoked gray", and I can't tell which ones you used. Do the color of the curtains match the bed sheets? Also, is the blanket blue or gray? I just love the way the colors look and work together and would like to create the same affect. You have such a great style, and this looks so beautiful!

  7. What brand is there kidney pillow? I'm having trouble finding it on amazon and I love it!

  8. Where did you get the paneling for your walls? I absolutely love it! Are they sheets or individual planks?


  9. I love this room! I am looking for a bed like this exactly and am on Bramble right now searching. I can't seem to find a bed that looks like yours, which one did you order

  10. that sign!!! I LOVE that sign! Where did you find that??

  11. What is the name of the rug?

  12. I absolutely LOVE your bedroom style. That bed is just perfect.

  13. WHERE can I find that duvet and matching shams? I looked on wayfair...did not see them. Did you buy them a long time ago? Like, before 2017? MUST get those. I have had a VERY difficult time finding a slightly patterned duvet cover I like.

  14. do you know the brand of the rug?