Updating Furniture With Paint

As I work in the homes of my clients, I see a recurring theme: they often want to get rid of EVERYTHING and start over.  The problem is a lot of times, that they don't see the HIDDEN treasures within the pieces they already own! 
 My FAVORITE thing to do is to take the OLD and make it into something NEW, but make it look even better than it was before!!! 
By adding new decor, while using old furniture as the foundation, it can completely change the space.  And the best part is you can save a BUNDLE!!!

In my front room, I have owned this hutch for MANY years. It originally had a top section, but after a few years of living with it as a "collect all" (ugh), I thought it would be a good idea to take off the top and see what I could do with the bottom section. I played around with the bottom hutch for a few months and then decided to take the leap and paint it white.
I added some glaze, some burn throughs, pin holes, and NEW hardware -- I was in LOVE!
You're probably asking if I refinished the piece myself? I have to be honest, I didn't do this one (gasp!)  I know, I know . . . as a DIY'er, I probably should have, but after years of doing things myself, I found that there are LOTS of amazingly talented people around me who do it professionally, these people have always been so good to me and  have given me GREAT deals!
In the end, I just weigh the Pros and Cons and ultimately, I just hire it out.  Less mess and headache  for me:)
And if you hire the right talent, it will look AMAZING and the finish will last for YEARS!!!

Oh and by having someone else do it, I won't have to look at all my mistakes!!! ugh... that is the WORST part about being so darn picky (yikes) maybe a better word is a perfectionist.
Wait... that doesn't sound any better either.  Sigh... I guess here's me accepting my flaws!
LOL...yep, I'm human :)


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