Professional Office Space (updated)

Sometimes Older buildings can be a bit challenging when you want to update the space. You have to deal with things such as: old wallpaper, old carpet, dated ceilings, old OAK doors and casings, SCARY!  
Old lights, outdated light switches...the works!!!

This space was no exception.  I even had to deal with doorways without doors and a door in the wall that didn't lead . . . anywhere???  But with a little paint, wood, sheet rock, and a little magic the space turned out really nice! It's always so exciting to compare the before and after pictures. 

There are still a few more things to get done like light switches etc...
but here a few more of the space
And just for FUN a in-between pictures!

The back wall I used my famous trick of having the tape & texture guy mud/smooth the wall VERY flat so it appears to look like a 1/4 inch MDF board. This way it saves time and material cost of getting flat boards.
Boards are MDF primed pressed wood.
Crown molding is stacked with a baseboard as the lower piece and the top piece is crown. Here are some picture of the two pieces that I choose.


It was a fast and fun project to do! 
Now onto the next one :) 
Currently, I am starting a full kitchen remodel. 
From oak everywhere to fresh neutrals and WHITE! 
We have a great team working on this project. One of my favorite cabinet shops, and a great contractor and painter are all on board. 
It will be fun to collaborate while updating this house 
We are planning on changing all the oak baseboards, casing and doors throughout the house and adding white trim work everywhere! 
It will take a few months, I'll keep you posted!

White paint...Dove White (Benjamin Moore)
Gray Paint...Edgecomb gray (Benjamin Moore)
Carpet...Commercial Grade


  1. Great job Heidi! The transformation is amazing! I did have a question about the trick of making sure the wall is very flat. You wrote that: "This way it saves time and material cost of getting flat boards." I am not sure what you mean. To create a board and batten look, is it easier if the wall is very flat so the MDF boards look seamless? Or? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for reaching out:) What I meant is that if you use a 1/4" board as the flat wall backing, then it's difficult to measure and line up the MDF boards so they fit over the seams. It's easier to plaster the wall and then sand it flat so that when you add your MDF boards, you don't have to worry about covering the seams of the 1/4" board.
    We've done it both ways and both will work fine. It's a matter of preference, but plastering the wall is a lot easier. I hope that helps:)