Favorite Things Giveaway... Prize #1 ( ENDED)

If you have followed me in the past you'll know I have a LOVE for Photography!  It takes a good eye and tons of time and energy to create magic! I have dabbled in photography a little, but let's just say I leave it up to the professionals! 

Today I want to introduce you to one of my FAVORITES!
My VERY talented friend Katy Paskett and her company
Katy Paskett Photography  
Katy is Beyond Talented and has taken my CRAZY ideas 
(Mostly all my Pinterest dreams!)and makes them into reality!
Here are a few pictures she has taken of me and my family over the past few years!

These pictures grace my home and adds so much warmth and Love!


Today I am giving away a Mini Session with Katy Paskett Photography 
Her business is located in East Idaho.  For you Locals be sure and ENTER. For those out of State,
You must know someone that you could give this AMAZING gift to!!  (wink)
Here is how to enter!


  1. She does an amazing job.

  2. LOVE your new blog and everything about ya! xoxo

  3. I am so happy you are blogging again! Love your style, as always. I don't live in Idaho, but we are visiting Idaho this summer! If we win and that time is too far away, then we can give it away to a family member.... although I would be sad not to use it ourselves! =)
    Excited to see what else you do to your home!