Fashion Friday

I’ve been thinking about fun Weekly posts I could add to the blog and I came up with 
...Fashion Friday...
One of my favorite things to do is put outfits together for my kids.  Putting clothing together for Me...Not so much! :) 
But I think there is more to that than just putting pieces together! LOL

I especially like grouping items together for photo Shoots! 
I have a few tips and tricks for dressing for Pictures vs. Every day. But I will save that for another post ;)

TODAY I will be sharing my FIRST Fashion Friday Outfit!

My girls are 10 years apart so I have VERY little to pull from when it comes to hand-me-downs. In a way it’s SUPER fun to shop for all new clothes, but at the same time it’s VERY expensive.  So I find myself having to buy basic clothing over the FUN stuff :(  When I do buy the "FUN" items of clothing I really try to buy outfits vs. random clothing items. I save money and I don't find random pieces of clothing in the closet just hanging there  looking pretty!!!  I have done this so many times! One of my BIGGEST pet peeves 

You will find all my outfits posted under my STYLE 
in the side columnif you ever need to reference back! 
Hope you enjoy this new addition. 

I would LOVE to hear from you!

Vest, Shirt, Shorts...Target
Tights and Shoes..Old Navy
All items found in baby/toddler section

Perfect carefree outfit for Autumn Weather!


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