How To Lighten Your Grout Color

Hey Everyone... 
I have been SUPER busy around the house! I am excited to post the before and after pictures. 

But just so you didn't think I TOTALLY disappeared, I wanted to share a QUICK tip I found out about during this CRAZY remodeling/changing things up a bit journey.

When we built this house 7 years ago, let's just say I didn't know much about "grout color" as much as I do now. 

So when the kitchen backsplash went up, I had the tile guy pick whatever he thought looked good with the tile. BIG MISTAKE!!! What I ended up with was a grout that looked PINK, Ahhhhh! 

So for the past 7 years, I have HATED my tile in the kitchen. I have been telling Brett that I wanted to rip it out, but the tile itself wasn't bad and I REALLY like the 3x6 shape so...... 
I thought that if we were to re-grout it, I might like it a lot better. 

I headed to my local tile store and asked what the BEST way to take out old grout knowing we were headed for a time-consuming, NOT VERY FUN project! and guess what I was told?!....

I didn't have to re-grout it!! 


You mean there is such a thing as Grout Paint?? Can I just tell you how that made my day!

The shop owner had me look at the grout deck of colors and I picked the perfect shade that coordinated with my existing tile!

Here are the Before and After pictures! 

The Special Grout Paint
"Antique Linen"



Yep...Looks like a TOTALLY different tile! I am pretty thrilled with the end result :)

Notice the wallpaper!!! 
....This is me jumping up and down with excitement...
thats for a future post (wink)