Nursery & Office Mood Boards

Inspiration can be found in so many places.  
From stores, blogs, and magazines to fabric and furniture. 
It's all around us! 

I am one who LOVES to create and my living space seems to be what I focus on most. I tell my husband that my house is like an artist's canvas...always CHANGING! 

I know it drives him CRAZY... I think I would go CRAZY if I didn't have a change of scenery ever so often!

Brett has said in past conversations that he believes there are very few NEW ideas, but a lot of old ideas people reinvent in a new and EXCITING way!  
By adding your own twist on things you make an existing idea or design your very own.

And isn't that why we follow blogs in the first place? 
To be inspired and to gather GREAT ideas from each other. 
I personally feel copying is the BIGGEST form of flattery! :)

Here are some pictures I have gathered over the years that I have  personally been inspired by!

I have LOVED this picture display for some time now and I thought it would go PERFECTLY in my baby's nursery!













Thank's to all the wonderfully talented people out there 
that inspire me daily!!!

Girl's Nursery Accents That I HAD to Have

Here are a few updated pictures of the nursery. 
I still haven't found the right items for on top of the armoire, 
but...I was able to get her pictures up on the wall, just in time for our little bundle's blessing day!

I  just LOVE this space!! 
The Robins egg blue walls are so soothing and inviting!!!

Me and Miss Maddie spent a lot of time together in this room :)

Birthdays, Baptism, & Blessing Parties

Have I mentioned how intense life has been for me over the past 2 1/2 months?!

Since Maddie's birth (end of October) until this past weekend, life has been Wonderfully CRAZY!!!

Amongst all the NORMAL busy-ness of life, 
we fit a lot into a small amout of time!

Here are a few bullet points of just some of our events:

* Maddie's Birth
* Halloween
* Thanksgiving
* Megan's Dance Festival
* Big B's Birthday
* Brett's Birthday
* Remodel of our living room
*Remodel of our Office
* Maddie's Blessing and Lunch-in
* Christmas
* New Years
* Little B's Birthday
* A Baptism and Lunch-in
. . . just to name a few:)

Just ONE of those events is a killer let alone doing it all at once. This girl is one tired Momma! 

 I don't know how I got through it? 
Did I mention I had a NEWBORN through all of it! LOL :)

I thought that after it all, life might calm down a bit, but then I remember the wood floor guy is coming next week and that means life will be a bit upside down once again! 
(but at least ONLY for a few days :)

Here are some pictures from Brock's Special Day! These pictures are from the night before, preparing for the Brunch the next morning. 

His theme was.... 
It's GREAT to be 8!

I do have some pictures from Madeline's blessing day as well, but on CRAZY(special)days, sometimes we forget to take as many pictures as we'd like. 

Thank goodness for my father-in-law who always has his 
camera in hand. 

I'll share those pictures once I get them from him!

In the meantime, here is a picture of "THE DRESS"!!!


We had these pictures taken a few days after she was blessed. 
Her Grandma (Brett's Mom) made the dress! 
Isn't it AMAZING?!?  
I just gave her an inspiration picture of what I wanted and she was able to take my vision and make it a reality!  
So SUPER talented!!! 

I feel like one blessed Daughter! 

Office Makeover, Part 2

Remember This Room?  

Its been the yellow and green for sometime now! 
In truth the room looked fine, but I was REALLY ready for a CHANGE!!

So.... our NEXT project became the office. 

I wanted to design a room that was different then anything I had ever done before. 

I thought I would try this NEW look in a smaller space to see if I liked it! 
Well...Brett and I both are IN LOVE with how it turned out. We now want to do the rest of the house with the same kind of feel!

 I now just need to add a rug, curtains, an office chair, pillows  furniture, know all the fun stuff :)(wink)

Brett works from Home so I wanted to update the space 
to make him feel cozy and a little bit not so girly! 

Here are some before and after pictures!


this is what it looks like now...

We added an extra trim piece to the crown to REALLY add some DRAMA!

I'll post more pics once we start adding the Fun Decor items! :)