The Evolution Of The Front Room

So I think that I might only pop in every once in awhile and share updates on this never-ending project I call “HOME.” 

Life is wonderfully CRAZY; as I’m sure we all can understand.I do want to share the latest around here as it has been WAY too long since I have posted a picture of the home front.  
I don't want to admit it, but I don't really think I will never be done. The moment I get close to completing one space, I get inspiration for another, and the projects go on! :)

I do find myself having to pause on re-decorating as the decorating budget runs dry :(
It’s NOT cheap to furnish a house and I hate pulling family funds to pay for my small decorating obsession ... LOL

If any of you are in need of some design’s me offering (wink, wink).

In the is what I have been up to:)
 I thought it would be fun to go room by room and see how things have changed over the years. I think today it would be fun to start with the living room and then work over to the kitchen, the staircase, the hallway, Entry, office and Nursery etc...

That way if there are any questions it won't be as confusing :)

Ok here we go.... 
Do you remember this space?

WOW...I still can't believe this was my house! Mind you...7 years ago I LOVED this space. It served its purpose well. But, I like to see my home as my art canvas and a way to express myself, so little by little change happened.  

I am a true believer of self-talk and self-discovery. I like to take inspiration from everything and everyone around me and then make it my own. I think by making it your own you are more satisfied and content with the outcome.

Soooo, during my time of self-discovery, there were a few bumps along the way. I don't believe in mistakes, instead I like to look at these situations as education and knowledge of what is or isn't me. It also got me closer to discovering who I really am, and what I REALLY like.

So, after trying out the room (below), I realized I need RED in my life. Maybe not a full blown room of red...but a tiny bit just to make me feel at home!

Here was the next step in the process :)

We tried brick for a while... it didn't last long, so thank goodness Brett didn't grout it and it came off without too much trouble . . . I love you Brett :)

It's new home is now in the basement and I LOVE it there!!!

The next step was new furniture and not so GREAT paint :( On a happier note, the moment I saw these chairs I fell in love. But it did take me a while to settle into them. 

I admit it was a process, but in the end I am glad that I challenged myself and stuck with what I love!  
My advice, buy what you love! 
If you REALLY, REALLY LOVE it, you will find a way to work it into your space!

FINALLY...after having my 4th baby and feeling like I had my mind and body least a little bit :)LOL

The inspiration came and I was able to finish the room in a way that I am VERY happy with.  
There is still some work to do to fine-tune the space.

I have a leopard tufted ottoman in the works, pictures to fill frames, a new mantle display, and more d├ęcor to add But over time that will come:) 

Also notice the darker wood floors! WOW...what a difference that made!!

My husband keeps joking with me that the moment we are done is the very moment we will decide it's time to build the next house...Oh brother!!! :)

Instagram Shot! ( Home By Heidi)

I am the first to admit that I am NO pro at the camera. 
These pics are pretty raw. I would LOVE to have someone come and take some REALLY good shots. But until then, these will have to do :) 

RUG...Usa Rugs
Paint..Naturel Linen (Glidden)
Chairs and Sofa...Black Goose (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Pillows..Pottery Barn
Clock..Tai Pan
Floor Lamp...Overstock
Curtains...Calico Corner


  1. Your home is so beautiful! Everything you do, I love, but the end pictures are my favorites. The blues and yellows look so wonderful together! And those chairs. Mmmm..... just lovely.

  2. Beautiful! I love all the woodwork in your's gorgeous!

  3. I love seeing the evolution of your living room! I wish I had even a small bit of your talent and vision for decorating!

  4. I love seeing the evolution of your living room! I wish a had even a small bit of your talent and vision for decorating!

  5. I covet your wainscoting and wood floors. And your husband who does all this work for you. Mine could, but it would be his worst nightmare to do this much, this often. I love that you can make such huge changes - that always turn out so beautiful. I want to see what you did with the brick in the basement.

  6. I love your style and decorating know-how. It's frustrating for me because we have funds to decorate, I just get stuck at where to shop and how to pull it all together.

  7. Very Pretty. It is fun to see how many changes and stages you have gone through. I love it all.

  8. You are brave! The darker floors did wonders for that room, as did the curtain change. A leather couch has become a necessity in our home, and my favorite is the love seat we got from you, Heidi! We found a couch to match, but aren't using that one right now.
    We have the exact same material as your pillows, used in some drapes that are in storage. They are the shade of the Instagram photo, however. The truer colors, with red, really bring a great look to your chairs.
    Thank you for posting the sources of your project materials and products. That is so helpful!

  9. I love the white woodwork. Can you tell me which white paint and color you use on your trim?