1st Birthday Baby Girl Photos

How did this happen? My baby is already ONE!!! 
Life is going by way to fast!! Look at how much she has grown! 
Ooooo...I just LOVE her!!

The little Miss was scared of the flash...So we have a few other Pictures with puffy, teary eyes..Poor thing, but Ooooo so sweet!

Favorite Word ~ Dada...(Sniff) 
Hates Baby Food and Bathtime
Loves to cuddle, and Adores her Brothers and Sister!

And...Is in to EVERYTHING!!!!


  1. These are TO DIE FOR, Heidi! She is so cute!

  2. Your baby girl is so precious...... these photos are beautiful!!!!

  3. How sweet! Such a cute little girl you've got. :)

  4. Cute baby girl. I also can't believe it has been a year.

  5. Her leggings are adorable and so is she! I have a granddaughter just her same age, and she is into everything too. Good thing they're cute!