Office Design-Kids Town Dentistry

Hey Everyone!

Yes, I've been struggling with blogging lately:(  I am right in the middle of trying to fine-tune small spaces in my home, plus I am designing a new pediatric dental office 
(which by the way ALL you Utah people have to go check it out)!

It's going to be AMAZING, your kids will LOVE it!:) 

The theme of the NEW building in Clearfield is a "Kids Town." It's going to look like a REAL miniature town, the perfect size for kids. You will see things like REAL lamp posts with street signs, a fire station, post office and even City Hall. And of course we couldn't leave out their little white dog mascot. 
The office will be done by the end of April. We are right in the middle of a construction zone. 

I will do a BIG long post on it once it's up and running :)

 Here is the logo and website that my husband's company designed 
for them! 

In the meantime..If you want to see my day to day design questions and posts, 
I am a VERY good InstagramerSo check me out there.


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