Birthdays, Baptism, & Blessing Parties

Have I mentioned how intense life has been for me over the past 2 1/2 months?!

Since Maddie's birth (end of October) until this past weekend, life has been Wonderfully CRAZY!!!

Amongst all the NORMAL busy-ness of life, 
we fit a lot into a small amout of time!

Here are a few bullet points of just some of our events:

* Maddie's Birth
* Halloween
* Thanksgiving
* Megan's Dance Festival
* Big B's Birthday
* Brett's Birthday
* Remodel of our living room
*Remodel of our Office
* Maddie's Blessing and Lunch-in
* Christmas
* New Years
* Little B's Birthday
* A Baptism and Lunch-in
. . . just to name a few:)

Just ONE of those events is a killer let alone doing it all at once. This girl is one tired Momma! 

 I don't know how I got through it? 
Did I mention I had a NEWBORN through all of it! LOL :)

I thought that after it all, life might calm down a bit, but then I remember the wood floor guy is coming next week and that means life will be a bit upside down once again! 
(but at least ONLY for a few days :)

Here are some pictures from Brock's Special Day! These pictures are from the night before, preparing for the Brunch the next morning. 

His theme was.... 
It's GREAT to be 8!

I do have some pictures from Madeline's blessing day as well, but on CRAZY(special)days, sometimes we forget to take as many pictures as we'd like. 

Thank goodness for my father-in-law who always has his 
camera in hand. 

I'll share those pictures once I get them from him!

In the meantime, here is a picture of "THE DRESS"!!!


We had these pictures taken a few days after she was blessed. 
Her Grandma (Brett's Mom) made the dress! 
Isn't it AMAZING?!?  
I just gave her an inspiration picture of what I wanted and she was able to take my vision and make it a reality!  
So SUPER talented!!! 

I feel like one blessed Daughter! 


  1. You luncheon decorations are adorable, and your little angel girl is so so so precious! And, yes, I can't believe how much you have crammed in to the last few months!

  2. Super cute decorations for Brock's party!

  3. Super cute decorations for Brock's party!

  4. Wow you have been busy, but it all sounds great! Your daughters dress is incredible, I would love to be able to sew like that.