Master Bedroom Makeover

Every project starts with a PLAN, right? I like to see all the elements on paper before going forward with buying the REAL items.  I feel like I make less mistakes that way :)

You might think I am CRAZY for changing my Master,But I like change and after 6 years I wanted something different. 
Less Green MORE blue! I realize I can't live with blue in my front room, But in my bedrooms that is a WHOLE different story!! 

I just recently painted over my green walls in my master and re-painted them a YUMMY color of Comfort Grey from Sherwin Williams.

Here are a few snap shots from my phone. I am LOVING IT!!!

 I moved my white armoire into the master bedroom so we FINALLY can have a TV in our room. I figure this is perfect timing with our baby girl coming!

Do you remember this armoire piece from my last post??? Yep...same piece.  It was the first piece of furniture that Brett and I bought as a married couple and though it has been through MANY color changes and has certainly taken a beating after 12 years, I just can't seem to part with it!

I also took over Megan’s old bed...remember the green bed? is NOW white to match the armoire and I couldn't be MORE excited about it! is my plan for the rest of the room. I will be ready to post once the other items arrive. 
Stay tuned for the big reveal in a few weeks!

I bought this bedding from Pottery Barn
I had a 20% off coupon.  HAPPY DAY!!!

I also picked up this blanket in white.
This is seriously the most comfy blanket and is very seasonally-friendly. I also LOVE how blankets give more character to beds.

I had this PB pillow hanging around the house, FUNNY that I have this kind of stuff just hanging around, but when things go on clearance for $9.99, I figure I can always use it down the road; I’m so glad I did :)  
It’s going to be PERFECT with the bedding ensemble!
I have 2 of these Chevron pillows coming from Lacey Place on etsy, I had them custom made to fit a euro size insert

 I bought this rug on Ebay. I wheeled and dealed with the seller and gave him my best offer. 
I came away saving $80 off the listing price! SCORE!!!  Especially that rugs are SUPER pricey and I needed an 8x10 for the bedroom. 
I’m super excited, I have ALWAYS loved the look of rugs under beds!

 My future plan is to also get this rug from PB for my master bath.  I think it would be fun to coordinate with the 
Chevron Euro pillows in the other room!

 I am needing to work in my side tables into the design,
I just LOVE them! I own the green one in the pic!
I think they will be perfect with everything I'm doing!

Well, there it far everything is coming together nicely. 

I am going to go to the fabric store today and see if I can score some white fabric for a great price for the bed skirt! I’m just going to gather it versus sewing it. After 6 years of doing that trick, I figure it works great, and that is time and energy saved on my part:)

I have also been working hard on trying to get the nursery done. I am super close. 
But here is a sneak peek of the rug That is already in the room!

Hopefully I can share the finished project with you all VERY soon! 

Good Memories of Projects Past

The month of August is always a very full month for me. 
We get to celebrate 2 birthdays, one of which is mine.  This year, I hit the big 3-5!  I can't believe I am really that old. When my parents were that age, I thought they were ancient!  Funny how we perceive things so differently when we’re kids

In the month of August, Brett and I celebrated our 
12-year mark of marriage. 
Life has had its good times and heartaches.  But I couldn't ask for a better partner in life.  Brett has had my back our entire marriage.  He has stood by me with 100% through all the hair brain ideas that I’ve had over the years.  He has helped me fulfill my dreams in so many ways! 

 Here we are on our wedding day!
We were YOUNG!  
The funny thing about this was we were 24 and 23-years-old and at the time I felt soooo old... LOL!

I still LOVE my wedding dress to this day! 
I wanted something more classic so it didn't date itself. So far so good! :)  
(at least in my opinion…he he)

Here we are 12 years later, looking older (hopefully wiser) 
with 3 kids and one on the way!:)

 Since we are talking about the good old days, 
I thought it would be fun to post old pictures from our first home...
A BLAST from the Past!

 Our First Home was in Logan, Utah.I LOVED it there! 
This home was built in the 1900 so it had LOADS of charm

Entry Way


I have ALWAYS loved white cabinets!

As you can see, I have always surrounded myself with 
trim work, arches, wood floors and yummy colors!


Over the years, I have gotten better at picking paint and hopefully decorating! It looks like I was going through my BRITE STAGE :) LOL

these pictures bring back so many great memories. 
At the time these were taken, I was around 20 some weeks pregnant with my second.

It seems like Brett has always been busy at trim work (somethings never change)I am such a slave driver!(jk)

He has definitely gotten better at trim over the years. 
To the point that he AMAZES me what he can do! 

So cute…he looks so YOUNG!!

That was SUPER fun for me to share! 
Can't wait to see what the future brings for us!

The Latest & Greatest is on Instagram

This summer is really flying by!  My kids start school in a week. I think I am just as excited as they are :)  Being pregnant and trying to maintain a house while entertaining older kids has been a bit physically challenging! At the end of the day I am warn out. We did try to cram in what we could. 
But I can't lie, It was almost to my physical breaking point. 

I am REALLY looking forward to next summer; I'll have my energy back plus this little bundle will be a bit older so it will be perfect to REALLY get out there and enjoy the summer! 

I have around 8 weeks to get my house and all the baby things ready before this baby arrives.  Eck!...Not a lot of time if you ask me.  

Blogging has not been on the top of my list this summer 
(as I am sure you have noticed) 

But I do post a lot on my Instagram. I have some of the Nursery updates, baby finds and also some random house stuff ! 

My profile name is- homebyheidi

Or just follow me on your phone :)

Something a bit fun and personal in my life. Today marks the 2 year anniversary since I competed in the Mrs. America pageant.  BOY, have things changed since then. 

Ugh...It’s better that I DON'T look at old pageant pictures while prego! :)

All of my pageant friends and past Mrs. Idaho's are all in Tucson Arizona cheering on the NEW Mrs. Idaho.

 I would have LOVED to have been there, but life is CRAZY right now in all honesty, I am perfectly content at home preparing for this baby and carrying around these extra 20 pounds I have gained during this pregnancy.

 This baby girl is VERY much a dream come true for Brett and I.  It took so major work getting her here. So I am ok with putting my body, life and fun on hold for just a moment! 

And let’s be honest, seriously...what in the heck would I have even worn??? 
This tummy is NOT fitting into a formal dress anytime soon! haha :) 

Go check out what’s going on at 

Hope you all have a GREAT rest of your summer! I'm jealous of you that have already started school. 
I am CRAVING routine right now! :) 

A Precious Mess - A New Favorite Blog

Today I am proud to introduce you to my Darling Sister Emily and her very FUN, very real Blog all about motherhood.

I just love her blog; it talks about the adventures of what we call motherhood. All the ups, downs, precious moments and CRAZY incidents that honestly, you just have to laugh about at times!

 I am guest posting on her blog today to share one of many motherhood moments that I will cherish for a lifetime! I can say that NOW, but at the time, it wasn't so blissful..LOL:)

Head over, Enjoy, And Share with your friends :)

Poppy Seed Projects - Large Letter Decor

Hello, my name is Heidi of Home by Heidi 
I am EXCITED to be able to share this latest craft from 

I have been working on my little girl’s room for some time now, I was at the end of the project searching for the finishing touches. In my search, I came across an adorable craft 
offered by Poppy Seed Projects 

I knew I had to MAKE it!

What I LOVE about Poppy Seed is their crafts are simple and easy to do, and the BEST part, 
Poppy Seed offers the glue and texture cream (sold separate) to make the project as easy as a one stop shop! 
All I had to provide was the paper :)

First, I decided to add some depth to the edge of the letter so, I sprayed a little chocolate spray paint on the sides to give it that professional look (wink)  

Then I found the PERFECT scrapbook paper to match her room and got to work tracing around the letter! 

Next came some cutting, then the glue/  If you have any unwanted scrapbook paper left on the edges one of my favorite tricks is to take a high grade sand paper and lightly sand off the excess paper until you are left with an exact match to the letter.  Last of all add some texturizing cream to the top!

And Wala...Simple, Fast and 

 I haven't had a chance to hang my daughter’s letters on her wall just yet, but check out the Poppy Seed Projects finished product! ADORABLE :) (paired with their darling Personalized Bird Decal)

Be sure and check out their website for other great projects for your home! 
POPPYSEED PROJECTS is doing a special promotion just for Home by Heidi readers...

 Use the code HOMEBYHEIDI for $10.00 off of an order of $50.00 

Better yet...Register here for your chance to WIN a $20.00 Gift Card towards anything from Poppy Seed Projects.

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*Follow Poppy Seed Projects on Pinterest ( one entry) 

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